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Frequently asked questions

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How does the account work?
Everything can be managed online. The money can be saved in a cash option and/or invested in one of the four investment options offered: ABLE Fixed Income, ABLE Conservative, ABLE Moderate, and ABLE Aggressive.  These choices are made during the account setup. By law, you can make investment... Read more
Do I use the same login information if I manage multiple ABLE accounts?

Yes. You have one username (email) and password to log in to all of the Maryland ABLE accounts you manage.

Who owns the account?

The account is owned by the beneficiary, regardless of whether they opened the account or it’s managed by an Authorized Legal Representative. The funds in the account belong to the beneficiary.

Can someone else access my account?

To keep the account safe, don’t share your password or let someone else have access to your account, unless they are the Authorized Legal Representative. If you want to add, change, or remove the Authorized Legal Representative for the account, we have forms to help you with the process.

How can I use the money in my account?

You can withdraw money from the account and use it for eligible qualified disability expenses which includes most costs associated with living with a disability. 

See the list of approved categories for more details.

Can I transfer an existing ABLE account into my Maryland ABLE account?
Yes, but you can make only one rollover every 12 months. You can use an ABLE to ABLE Rollover Form to get started. There are also rollover options which would also change the beneficiary to an eligible family member if the rollover happens before the death of the original beneficiary who opened the... Read more
Can I close and transfer my Maryland ABLE account to an ABLE account in another state?

Yes, but you can make only one rollover every 12 months. Use the other ABLE plan’s rollover forms to start the process.

ABLE’s definition of qualifying disability expenses includes “education.” Can I roll my 529 account into an ABLE account?
Assets from a 529 account can be rolled over into an ABLE account, though amounts to be rolled over are subject to the ABLE account annual contribution limit. Current federal law requires such rollovers to be completed by December 31, 2025. To make a direct rollover from a 529 account, the ALR or... Read more
Can my ABLE account move from one state to another?

Yes, you can choose to roll over your account from one state’s program to another.

Does the Medicaid recapture of funds in an ABLE account as described in the Federal ABLE ACT known as “clawback” apply to Maryland ABLE accounts?
As established by the Federal ABLE Act, funds remaining in the account upon the beneficiary’s death may be used to reimburse the state for Medicaid-related services. The amount of any Medicaid payback is calculated based on amounts paid by Medicaid after the creation of the ABLE Account and... Read more